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reuse , best recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle is a concept that people everywhere are starting to understand and
apply to everyday life. Its principles are quite basic, but are a necessity for maintaining a
sustainable life. To remain productive, reducing one’s intake of energy and materials is vital.
The toxicity of trash is at an all time high and the only way to stop this is by preventing waste
from the very beginning of its life. The concept of reuse is applied by reinventing items after
their initial life and avoiding additional waste by all means necessary. Though the concept of
reuse is very important to the lifecycle of a material, there are times when a second life simply
cannot be created for a certain item. However, when one does have to throw an item away; an
important proactive strategy is to buy products that can be recycled or, at the very least,
determine in advance the product is an alternative to a similar, less recyclable material.
Recycling is the process of turning items considered to be waste into a valuable resource. This
process does include many steps, but begins with taking items such as cans, glass, newspapers
or plastic to a recycle bin or collection facility. The more often individual users partake in this
practice by consciously making themselves aware of an item’s recyclability, the easier the entire
process will be for the rest of the world. This ease will simply create a higher demand for
recycled products and will be more of an incentive for large companies and corporations to use
and buy recycled products, making the entire process more successful and stress free. These
simple ideas of reduce, reuse, recycle are just the beginning of challenging ourselves in
preserving our environment, but extremely essential in ensuring the success of conservation.