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Computer labs

Computer labs

The computer labs of great importance in schools and educational institutions, for this reason and from our responsibility and in order to provide the best outcomes devoted building Ewan efforts to provide the highest standards of quality and safety in the laboratories of educational institutions, and ensure that we keep pace with changes in technology, we have worked to keep abreast of changes in the regulations at the same time we have always been keen on the appropriate price with quality, so we are here, we are proud of the institutions first and perhaps the only this service provides high importance in providing computer labs re-produced in accordance with the highest international standards

Dell optiplex 960

  • OptiPlex-960-Familyfamous and reliable model system

    Dell optiplex is one of the best models of Dell World, this model is designed to fit most function computing and commensurate with all the circumstances, it’s wonderful model upon which we depend for our customers, both for the domestic market or for educational institutions

  • hpHP compaq 8000 elite

    elite 8000 is the most model famous from HP company , it is high quality and nice design , it has a strong hardware parts , and it is very smart choosing for your business